Oneida Lake History on the Web

Workers erect the great barn at the Rosamund Gifford Estate, east of Cleveland, about 1930.

OLA members can access information about Oneida Lake History at several sites on the World Wide Web. Among those sites are the following, each accompanied by annotation.

Carol White-Hammer recorded these memories of "The Bay". Her descriptions run through the 1940s and 1950s. Other notes about Bernhard's Bay's history can be found under items about the Town of Constantia.

The Anglers' Club was located on Norcross Point, where
the Lake Shore Yacht and Country Club stands today.

Oneida Hatchery technicians in the old facility at Constantia in the early 20th century.

Early histories of Bridgeport and Lakeport can be found at this site, which reproduces part of Our County and Its People, written by John E. Smith in 1899.


Diverse segments of the town's history are displayed here, including poetry, photos, and script.

This site displays the Constantia section of John Churchill's Landmarks of Oswego County, published in 1895.
One of George Scriba's ledgers adorns this site. Scriba was the Town of Constantia's first major developer. His early 19th century investment in over 500,000 acres of land between lakes Oneida and Ontario met with financial disaster.

Anglers display their catch at Lindley's Boat Livery, Sylvan Beach, around 1890

A brief version of the island's famous romance is on this web page.

The lake's three lighthouses at Verona Beach, Brewerton, and Frenchman's Island were constructed as part of the Barge Canal project. This page sketches these beacons' past.

The Sylvan Beach Midway contains classic carnival rides. "Laffland", built in the shell of the former Rowe Brothers' Bath House, was one of them.
Excellent photos illustrate the antique life of the Sylvan Beach amusement park, including the classic Carello Carousel.

A British map shows the Oneida Lake
region in the mid-eighteenth century.