Periodically after floods, storms, and ice-out trees/logs and other large debris enters the lake. OLA is working with several agencies to facilitate development of an interagency protocol for timely and effective removal of such hazards. You can help by alerting OLA and NYSOPR&HP if you know of such boating hazards. The first step is to get them marked.

Marking is done by the Marine Services unit of Parks. To schedule marking the hazards Marine Services needs a form filled out and submitted. The form is posted for download at Park's website:

Additionally, the NYS Canal Corporation has a form for reporting hazards, obstructions, collisions, or violations on waters in its jurisdiction. Complete this and submit should you have need: On Oneida Lake, submit both forms to the respective agencies.



Boaters are advised to substantially reduce speed and avoid night-time boating in the shallows ½ mile off-shore along the entire east end of the
lake.  Scores of trees were dislodged by spring floods and ice movement. They now represent navigation hazards near the mouth of Oneida Creek and the Canal.  Some of these are visible, beached along the shallow sand bars near shore.  Many are submerged farther out in deeper water, presenting a significant potential hazard.

OLA is working with stakeholder agencies and local officials to address the situation.  Right now (May 29, 2014) many navigation hazards are neither visible nor marked.

Extreme caution and slow speeds are advised.

Wear floatation.  Stay alert.  Enjoy a safe day on the water.

Review the safety map on the OLA webpage.