What We Do

2015 OLA Board Discussions and Adventures

The Oneida Lake Association (OLA) was founded in 1945 to protect, restore and preserve the natural resources of Oneida Lake and its surrounding ecosystem.  The OLA has evolved from what was once perceived as a fishing association to what has today become a powerful environmental partnership group.  The OLA represents its 3,000+ members in legislative and environmental issues which impact Oneida Lake, including:
• Increasing Public Awareness of Oneida Lake, the Recreational and Ecological Benefits it has to offer, and the Issues which potentially impact the Lake and its Habitat

• Working with Elected Officials and other Non-Profit Agencies for the Protection of Oneida Lake's Wetlands and Wildlife

• Enforcement of Environmental and Safety Laws

• Support of Conservation Legislation

• Maintaining adequate Water Levels for Oneida Lake

• Support of the Oneida Lake Fish Cultural Station

• Improvement of the Lake's Public Access Sites

• Monitoring Water Quality and "Problem Species" in Oneida Lake

• Elimination of Point and Non-Point Pollution in Oneida Lake
Conservationist of the Year Award presented to Mark Babenzien